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Odor Removal and Sanitation

After flooding has receded it is extremely important that you work at returning your home to its original condition. The problem with flood damage is that it is often accompanied by a musty odor. It’s possible to correct this and get your home smelling clean and fresh again by obtaining advanced antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments from Legacy Restore.

Legacy Restore has many years of experience providing support to owners for their flood damaged properties and helping to restore them. One of the best follow-up services to our removal and restoration process is ideal for removing the smell of dampness, musty, mildew and bacteria from your home.

It can be easy to tell if a home has been water damaged, since the smell often continues to linger long after the water has been dried. However, homes that have been subjected to flooding often have to deal with mold and dampness for many years afterwards unless immediate intervention takes place. With our sanitizing and disinfecting treatments we can work on making your property smell and feel new again.

We have helped hundreds of homes recover from serious water main breaks, flooding, water heater leaks and more. After completing all water removal, restoration and sanitation services a home can nearly look brand-new again. The best part about our odor removal and sanitation processes is that it can be bundled together with other restoration services and coverage for insurance. This is just another step that Legacy Restore takes to bring your property back to its normal again!

If you are tired of nagging odors in your home as a result of dampness, or you would like to use this service to head off any of the potential smells and harmful bacteria that could grow in your home after a flood, contact us today.

We are happy to set up a time for one of our highly trained water detection technicians to come out for a complementary investigation at a time that will work best for your own individual situation.

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