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How to Select The Right Water Damage Restoration Company?

Water damage is a common issue among home and business owners. It only takes one faulty appliance, backed up toilet or heavy rain storm to turn a comfortable home into a soaked mess. Unfortunately…

In the United States, about 1 in every 3 homeowner have experienced water damage. In fact, its one of the most frequently filed claim, representing about 1/5 of all insurance claims. If you are one of these unfortunate people, it pays to have a good water damage restoration contractor on your speed dial. But how do you choose the one to hire if there are several names in the phone book? Read the full article here: Water Damage Restoration – A Detailed Breakdown

Most home and business owners have a “who to call” list for their usual maintenance needs; plumber, HVAC, pest control, but no one thinks of a water damage restoration company until they NEED it. Looking for a reputable company before emergency strikes guarantees you are in good hands when the unfortunate happens.

So how do you know who is the best man for the job? Personal referrals: You can almost never go wrong when a satisfied customer personally refers you to a service provider. Look for people you know that suffered water damage in their homes or offices and seek their advice on which company to go for. Cost effectiveness: Find out whether your insurance policy provides for water damage restoration and prepare a budget accordingly. Chances are that after water damage, you may have suffered significant loss and the last thing you need is to spend an exorbitant amount on a service that you might have gotten at a cheaper price. Originally seen posted on

Even with referrals, checking reviews online, even perhaps referrals from your insurance company, make sure you read all contracts and bids before work commences. You will be in a hurry to get life back on track but it is important to pay attention to the little details, wording and legal terms and conditions to protect you. It is always advised to check with your insurance company and/or an attorney if you do not feel comfortable or do not understand something on the bid. Your contractor should be able to thoroughly explain everything to you, if not, wait and speak to your attorney.

There are times when you will need to hire a professional water damage restoration service contractor. You will need one that won’t reduce costs at the expense of quality. You can find an excellent contractor you could trust in if you use these simple steps. Click here to read the full article

If you are looking for a water damage restoration company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, give Legacy Restore a call at 972-367-3040. We are here to answer any questions you have. We will help you and your family or business back to normal.

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Why Use Emergency Water Damage Repair Services?

Whether you need emergency water damage repair assistance now or just researching for information in the future, you need to know more about this kind of service. Most home and business owners will experience at least 1 water damage event so it is good to be prepared as best you can be. That way, you are prepared for the worst when water damage is a real issue for you.

water damage bathroom beforeThe worst thing you can do is to let water sit around in your home, no matter where it comes from, it can really do damage to what you have in the home. Especially your furniture, walls, floors, books, artwork and other personal belongings in your home, there are all kinds of things that water can start to eat away at. If you don’t get water damage repair assistance quickly and just try to clean it up yourself, you could miss something. That something that you miss could end up costing you a lot of money to get fixed in the future compared to what you would pay to have a water damage expert take care of it now.

You need to find out where the water is coming from and what you can do to stop it. That is why it is a good idea to have a professional team that you can contact because they will be able to come out and assess the situation. Then, they can put together a plan that helps you get everything back in order. If there are problems with something like sewage or other water types that are difficult to be around without the proper equipment, you should not try to care for this situation yourself without professional assistance just to be safe.

We can help you solve the problem if you have an emergency water damage repair job for us. Just contact us and we will make sure that everything is in order for you. We will work with your insurance company to expedite your claim and get your home and your life back on track. Give Legacy Restore a call today at 972-367-3040.

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How To Fight Off Mold In Walls Due To Water Damage

Imagine doing a thorough spring cleaning in your home only discover that you have a mold problem. Most homeowners would be shocked to know that their home is being invaded by the presence of mold. Mold does not always grow in one area and if you discover mold in one location of your home then the chances are good that there is a lot more contamination in other areas.

Locating The Source Of Mold Is The First Step

Mold is a potentially dangerous health issue but what should you do if you discover it? The key point is that you need to eliminate it immediately. Mold is an invisible intruder that has a devious behavior. To eliminate it completely from your home you will need to enlist the help of mold detection specialist. It is not something that you will want to tackle on your own.

A reputable and knowledgeable mold inspection company will be able to provide you with the right solutions to resolve your mold crisis. They will come into your home and perform an inspection to identify the levels of mold contamination. This inspection will not only help to identify the level of contamination but it will also provide you with important information about the risks of mold to you and your family. They will also cover with you the recommendations for the mold damage repair.

Detecting Mold Even In Hidden Areas

A certified commercial or residential mold inspector can tell you exactly what is causing your mold problem. He will help you to understand what is required to prevent the mold from returning in the future. A professional mold inspection utilizes sophisticated equipment to locate mold growth and moisture problems. Some areas of concern may include plumbing leaks, roof leaks, or previous evidence of flooding.

The inspection will utilize thermal imaging equipment so that it can scan all areas of your home. The inspector will take various moisture measurements from ceilings, walls, floors, and building materials. If the problem exists behind a wall or under a floor he will use a fiber optic scope to inspect the area.

Professional Mold Inspection and Removal Services

All of these tests, measurements, and observations will be critical to determine exactly why the mold is growing and how to prevent it from coming back in the future. Homeowners do not have this type of equipment and therefore it is essential that they use a professional mold inspection service to eliminate all mold from their home.

If you have found mold or mildew, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your no obligation inspection. Don’t delay, call Legacy Restore today at 972-367-3040.


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Can Fire, Smoke and Water Damage Be Repaired?

Fire And Water Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire can leave your home or business in a very bad condition. If you have experienced fire damage, often water damage cleanup is necessary from secondary damage. Water entering your home can cause serious and expensive structural damage if not dealt with promptly. The longer your property sits with water, smoke and fire damage, the more in-depth restorative efforts will need to be taken. It is imperative to contact a professional water damage restoration company as soon as safely possible to begin restoring your property, your safety and your normal routine.


The Prompt And Reliable Water Damage Restoration Services

Legacy Restore promptly responds to any type of residential or commercial fire damage emergency, regardless of the severity of damage. We will dispatch our technicians to your home or business at any time to ensure we get started on the issue right away and avoid additional damage from prolonged exposure, reducing your restoration costs.

Carpeting Cleaning and Restoration

If your carpeting has become soiled by flood waters, sewage leaks, or just needs a good deep cleaning, Legacy Restore can reverse the damage. Over time, carpeting will become saturated with debris and dirt which penetrate into the natural crevices and becomes firmly lodged in the fibers. Our team of technicians utilize the industries best equipment to deliver the deepest and most thorough level of clean to your home.

Service You Can Trust

No matter the damage:fire, frozen pipes, sewage mishaps, storms, flooding, faulty appliance or any other emergency, our highly trained staff is available 24 hours a day for any commercial or residential services. All you need to do is to seek the services of Legacy Restore for water damage restoration in Dallas so that the restoration work can commence immediately. From emergency flood damage restoration to upholstery cleaning, we are the company that has you covered. Give us a call today and let us get your life back on track.


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Do You Need Expert Water Extraction Services?

Flooding can happen to any home or business, not only near large bodies of water. When a flood does occur, the damage can be severe. Professional water extraction services are available to help home or business owners get rid of standing water and make the necessary repairs to the affected areas. Beginning the restorative process as soon as possible will guard against deeper penetrating water damage as well as mold and mildew growth. Often times, items that were not directly affected by the flooding will become damaged just by the amount of humidity in the area. Mold and mildew will begin to set in quickly as well. You don’t want to delay getting your home or business back into the condition it was in before the flood.

Flooding in family roomThere are a wide variety of reasons you might need to call on a water extraction expert. Burst pipes, overflowing bathtubs, sewer backups, sump pump failures, failing water heaters, faulty appliances and storms are all reasons for an immediate need for professional intervention. Flood water of any kind must be taken care of immediately to prevent further damage and to prevent any illness or disease that could result from exposure to the standing water.

Legacy Restore provides professional water restoration services, including water extraction. Our technicians use professional moisture detecting equipment to help locate all the affected areas in your home or business. We then provide an accurate in-depth assessment of the situation and come up with a plan for extracting all standing water, drying the area and making any necessary repairs.

If you are ever in need of water extraction services in Dallas, call on the experts at Legacy Restore who are available to you any time of day or night. We will respond to you immediately and will work fast to get your home or business back to its original condition. We will help you work with your insurance company to make sure your claim is handled correctly and expeditiously so we can get your life back on track.


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